【Dream of drilling bugs out from the nails】Dream about drilling bugs out from the crevices of the nails|Dreaming of fingernails growing a long bug|Dreaming of fingernails with many bugs|

It indicates how much trouble you will encounter in the near future; if you dream of a lot of bugs surrounding you, it means that troubles will make pregnant women feel at a loss.

It indicates how much trouble you will encounter in the near future; if you dream of a lot of bugs surrounding you, it means that troubles will make pregnant women feel at a loss.

It indicates that the dreamer is experiencing some pain. If you dream of insects biting yourself and bleeding, it is a dream, which indicates that the dreamer will have good fortune.

dreamed of crawling on many insects,

It indicates that the dreamer has leadership skills, but at the same time there are many people around you. Dreaming of many kinds of insects crawling on the body, Zhou Gong's dream interpretation

It means that you may have a lot of troubles and stress recently. Clerical workers dream of black reptiles, indicating that the owner will get more help at work, more opportunities for cooperation, and problems with agreements.

It indicates how much trouble you will encounter in the near future; if you dream of a lot of bugs surrounding you, it means that troubles will make pregnant women feel at a loss.

Things go well, there are barriers. No matter what kind of insects you dream about being bitten by, it means that you may be experiencing some kind of pain, which may be emotional or physical.

It indicates that the dreamer is experiencing some pain. If you dream of insects biting yourself and bleeding, it is a dream, which indicates that the dreamer will have good fortune.

It indicates how much trouble you will encounter in the near future; if you dream of a lot of bugs surrounding you, it means that troubles will make pregnant women feel at a loss.

dreamed of crawling on many insects,

It indicates that the dreamer has leadership skills, but at the same time there are many people around you. Dreaming of many kinds of insects crawling on the body, Zhou Gong's dream interpretation

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Today, my relatives had such a dream, worms drilled out of the body, I did some research, and found that most of these dreams were women, and I searched for scientific explanations, but there was no answer. I have studied Buddhism for many years, dreamed, liked to talk about dreams, collected and organized dreams, started today, recorded words, the purpose is to explain these dreams from a Buddhist perspective, and benefit all beings. 1. The Great Treasure Accumulation Sutra

Heretics listen carefully, that person is like a person reborn in hell, he has the appearance, and a wise man should know: His voice is hoarse, the sound of mules, the sound of rushing, the sound of fear, high sound, shallow sound, be careful, count the number of wars, his The hairs stand tall, and in dreams, you often see things, or you see mountains walking, or you see fires gathering, or you see a cauldron boiling, or you see someone walking away with a stick, or you see yourself as a thorn, or you see a Rakshasa girl, When he sees a herd of dogs, or a herd of elephants approaching him, or sees him running in all directions with nowhere to return, he believes in his heart that he has no relatives or friends.

Heretics listen carefully, if a person is like an animal born among humans, he has the appearance. A wise person should know: Wisdom eats a lot, enjoys eating soil, its nature is not able to argue with words, fools know friends, like dark places, love muddy water, Likes to gnaw grass and trees, likes to dig in the ground with toes, likes to drive away flies and flies with his head, likes to hold his head up, squeaks, and chews, likes to lie on the ground with his fists and feet to avoid filth, likes to sniff the air, likes to be naked, likes to speak differently Dreaming of being smeared with mud, or dreaming of eating grass in the fields, or dreaming of being entangled by snakes, or dreaming of being in the valley and jungle. Two "The Sutra of the Cause and Fate of the Sage and the Foolish"-the merits and virtues of becoming a monk, the corpse Libi Tipin, the eighteenth Ershi Mulian. Like a hawk holding a bird. Fly into the void. Mulian. The same is true. Ascending into the void. Qu Shen's arm is hectare. the sea. There are dead women by the sea. The appearance is correct and the body is upright. . I saw a worm. its mouth out. nose into. Come out from the eyes again. into the ears. Standing and watching. Look away. Li Bi mentions the corpse. white words. and on. What a woman. It looks like this. Mu Lian said. when said. ……….. the seer. What a woman. Mu Lian replied. Those who want to know. It is the woman of the Great Sabo in Savatthi City. Good looking. Husband even. Ershisa. into the sea. Greed for this woman. Can't give up. into the sea. Five hundred merchants. Get on board and go to sea. Shifu Sanqi wood. Look in the mirror. Self-righteous. Get up. Deeply in love. Sometimes there are turtles. Step on the boat. The ship was wrecked. Sabo and his wife. Five hundred merchants. Everything dies. sea ​​law. Subject to dead bodies. If the water echoes. Yasha Rakshasa. Out on the shore.

Three "Assaka Jataka" Before the beautiful queen died and turned into a dung beetle, there was a king named Assaka (Assaka) who lived in the city of Podari in the country of Kashi and ruled his country justly. His queen, Ubbar?, is someone else. She was attractive, but not as beautiful as a fairy, but she surpassed all other women. After she died, the king. His and her bodies were anointed with ointment and placed in a coffin, which was placed under his bed. Then he lay on his bed, not eating or drinking, but weeping.

Although his parents, relatives, friends, national teachers and subjects said that everything must be destroyed eventually, so they couldn't persuade him. For seven days he just lay sad. At that time, the Bodhisattva was a Samana living at the foot of the Himalayas. He possesses five supernatural powers and eight determinations. One day, when he was observing India, he saw King Ashaka was weeping, so he made up his mind to help him. He used his supernatural powers to fly into the sky, and then landed in the King's Park, where he sat like a golden statue on a stone seat in the garden. A Brahmin in Podari city saw the Bodhisattva when he walked into a park. After the bodhisattva greeted him, he sat aside. The Bodhisattva asked him, "Is your king a just king?" The young man replied, "Yes, sir, the king is just. But his queen died. After his and her bodies were placed in the coffin, they lay sadly , for seven days. Why did you go to remove the king? A virtuous person like you should remove the king." The Bodhisatta replied, "I know the king, young man. But if he comes to ask me, I will tell him where the queen should be reborn, And it will make her speak." The young man said, "If so, my lord, please wait here, and I will ask the king to come to you." The Bodhisattva stopped, and the young Brahmin went to the king and told him this. The king said, "You should go and meet the clairvoyant!" The king was very happy at the thought of meeting Queen Ubali. So he went to the park in a carriage. After the bodhisattva greeted him, he sat aside and asked, "I was told that you know where my queen was reborn. Is this true?" "Yes, king, I know," replied the bodhisattva. The king asked her where she was reborn. The Bodhisattva replied, "King, because of her own excess of beauty she lived a life of indifference and did good deeds, so now she is reborn in this park as a dung beetle." "I believe it!" said the King. ", then I will bring her to you and make her speak," said the Bodhisattva. "Make her speak!" said the king. The Bodhisattva ordered: "Those two are busy drilling me through cow dung and come to the king!" He had supernatural powers, and they came to the king. Pointing to one of the dung beetle kings, the Bodhisattva said, "Look, king, then your queen Ubali! She came out of her dung beetle husband's cow dung pile." "What? My queen Ubali is a dung beetle? I believe !” cried the king. "King, I will make her speak." "Let her speak, my lord!" The Bodhisattva gave her the ability to speak human language by means of supernatural powers, and said, "Ubali!" "What is it, my lord?" she asked in human language. road. "What was your name in your previous life?" the Bodhisattva asked her. "My lord, my name is Ubali, and I am King and Queen Asaka," she replied. The Bodhisattva continued to ask, "Tell me, do you love King Asaka now, or do you love this dung worm?" She replied, "My lord, that happened in my past. At that time, King Asaka and I lived in this park and lived together. Enjoy sight, sound, smell, taste, touch five senses. But now my memory has changed due to reincarnation, who am I? Now I hope to kill King Ashaka, his throat blood to smear my dung beetle husband's feet What!" She recited the following verses in human language before the king: King Asaka is my husband, and we walk in this park lovingly. But now the betrothal order is gone, my dung husband Ashaka. After hearing this, King Ashaka felt remorseful about what he had done. He immediately ordered the queen's body to be removed and washed his head. He returned to the city after bowing to the Bodhisattva. Later he married another queen and ruled the country justly. And the Bodhisatta taught the king, relieved him, and returned to the Himalayas. After telling this story, the World Honored One gave a discourse on the Dharma. At the end of the talk, the monk who missed his ex-wife attained the first fruition. The World Honored One explained the characters of that world: "Your ex-wife, Ubali; you, King Asaka; Shariputra, the Brahmin; that Shaman, me." In this way, Queen Ubali lived a life of relaxation and pursuit of love and happiness when she was a human being. Her accompanying craving caused her to be reborn as a female dung beetle. Even though she was reborn as a dung beetle, she continued to indulge in pleasures and pleasures, and her husband sought pleasures. This characteristic ─ ─ pursues love and joy everywhere. However, it is only Queen Ubali. All the proofs are that ordinary people pursue love and happiness everywhere in the cycle of life and death. They don't know that greed will bring pain in the cycle of life and death.

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Dreaming of worms drilling out of nails

Dream about worms coming out of fingernails

Looking back on this dream now, I start to get goosebumps all over my body. Say me, female, 29 years old, unmarried, with a boyfriend of more than 4 years, a foreign-funded company, to do middle management. Sorry I don't use QQ. The dream was probably done in the early morning of this morning, so the impression will be so. I am a native of Beijing, and I live in Chaoyang District. I dreamed of riding a bicycle on the streets near Sanlitun (Sanlitun is the place where I went to high school, where embassies and bars gathered, it is a place; besides, I haven’t ridden a bicycle for several years), while I was riding, I suddenly felt my fingers A little bit, I wiped it with a paper, and there was a little white thing on the nail cover, I cared, and continued to ride. But while riding, I suddenly realized in my dream that the thing seemed to be a bug, so I stopped the car and looked at my hands. At this time, I saw a hole began to appear in the belly of my finger, and then a white fleshy worm came out (it looked like a maggot), and I bounced it out; as a result, there was a finger with a worm about to come out, and it got halfway through. At that time, I pulled it out with toilet paper and threw it away. Then there were worms coming out of my fingers, and I started to get scared. I thought, there is a hospital not far from my place, so I rode there. The hospital is dilapidated. I wanted to go to the emergency department, but I saw a female doctor sitting in the room, so I went to find her. She said, you go to internal medicine, I went to internal medicine. There were a lot of patients queuing up at the entrance of the internal medicine department, and I was very anxious because there were more bugs. It's my turn, a female doctor in her 40s or 50s, let me see. She seemed to know a way to stop the bugs, and then started looking for medicine in the window, speaking ambiguously. Then she smeared some transparent liquid (like water) on the crawling insects in my hand, exposing the dead insects. She said, don't pull these worms out, let them be blocked like this, and the worms will come out. So, with the bug in my hand, I left. In the end, the doctor said what can be cured. Then my alarm clock goes off. . . It was disgusting, as I remember it, so depressing! Ask the master to help me solve it. Thanks! -Year 2008

———The following are replies from 2008 to 15————————- I dreamed of a lot of bugs in my body the day before yesterday Get out, disgusting, I remember, goosebumps thinking about it now! But I dreamed about the hospital, masters help me!

I dreamed last night that worms came out of my calf and arm. After digging inside for a long time, I found a pore and came out. It felt like a horse turtle. After I pulled it out with my hand, it was disgusting. Remember to have four. , there are two out of the same pore, is there a meaning?

I dreamed that worms crawled out of my body, two or three times.

I have had this dream twice. There are leech-like worms crawling out of my body. They are thin and long, and the more they crawl, they are always removed. How can I explain it?

I dreamed three times that bugs came out of the pores. I remember the first time, I was nervous, and I was in no mood for a whole week

. . I dreamed about it last night, ah. . .

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Dreaming of fingernails growing a long worm

From a Buddhist point of view to explain these dreams, the body drills bugs out

I dreamed that there were many transparent insects in my body, just like my body. After tugging, I gambled on my nose, and when I let out my breath, I came out, and the tugging was over. nausea

I had a dream last night, many maggots were crawling in my body, and I dreamed of going to the hospital. This is the first time I had such a dream…

God, I dreamed it was bedbugs, digging, digging, digging out, one by one…

I had a similar dream last night. I dreamed that many bugs bumped my skin inside and out, bugs, strange…

I am! ! Still colorful bugs! Sesame size! ! ! The wound is disgusting, and now that I am wounded, I feel as if those bugs bit me in a dream! ! ! It's disgusting to think about it! This feeling is disgusting! ! ! !

I had this kind of dream last night. There were many scars on my feet and many bugs crawled out of them. It was black, and there were many bugs coming out of the ground like in the movie. It felt disgusting. I'm usually afraid of bugs, I don't want to have this kind of dream anymore

I dreamed that for the first time, the wet worms were pulled out continuously. After taking the medicine, they died, but the worms were still developing. I pulled them out. The second time was the grasshoppers, which crawled out one by one. I ate scorpions, poisonous snakes and other medicines.

I had such a dream. I was very scared at the time. After waking up, I recalled it. I have dreamed about 4 times in the past two years. I dreamed once at the New Year’s meeting the day before yesterday. It came out of the body, and there were many parts. Every time it was a part, the bugs were the same , but it is software, no blood, no hospital, I want to know why…

To dream of bugs indicates that things will go bad.

People who are planning to go out dream of tooth bugs, it is suggested that there will be a delay when the date arrives, and it will go smoothly.

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