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So noble talk about love, let's invest in cost. You have to let the other person know you, his subconscious sense of stability. But it means that you can do other things among them. You need to broaden your circle of friends and meet people. Maybe you will meet your soul mate? So there is no need to wait.

You have to work hard to improve yourself. You refuse because you are not enough. Improve yourself in terms of appearance, character and income. She may turn around. Just tell her that she may get results.

It's okay to make such an agreement casually.

I have had someone, but being alone requires courage. Being alone means that you like him very much. You can touch him with a drop of rain and dew. At the same time, that person should be worth your wait.

As for that person, you have to see clearly whether you, who have no strength, make a promise like a child's house wine. If so, what's the point of being together for a few years.

Many women wait for a man to take the initiative in love. From a woman's point of view, if a man likes her, he will take the initiative, because it is a man's instinct to take the initiative, and a man should do it.

But in fact, this is just a woman's wishful thinking.

Although most men and women are direct and dare to express their emotions, men will not restrain their emotions unless it is worth it.

Some people say that men are good at weighing pros and cons, men and women are the same, but women mistakenly think that they get everything when they get love, while for men, love is just an embellishment in life, and it is something other than career.

It's obvious that the other party likes you, but in the end they get stuck in it and can't extricate themselves from you.

Because taking the initiative is an attitude, including time, money and feelings, these are sunk costs, not worth it under the premise that, for men, these things are to reduce the cost of investment, and they are themselves.

When a man likes a woman, he needs a bright spot in the other party to attract enough, and expressing his love requires sweet words, some ambiguous words and deeds, which are enough to make a woman feel affection for him.

But men like it and represent initiative. There can be many things a person likes, but if it is worth his initiative to pay, unless he is unique and indispensable in his heart, otherwise, he just likes it.

Everyone has their own pursuit, a man likes you, active, and strange.

just like, less than

Many women know that a man likes a woman very much, but falling in love with a woman is not.

When a man and a woman have a good impression, they need to be good-looking, able to catch the eyes of the other party in a short time, and leave an impression on the other party, or when a man feels the same place in a woman as other women, he will be fascinated.

But this is curiosity and appreciation, just a surface liking.

Under such affection, the attitude of men and women will often show an attitude of wanting to get closer, making women feel that men like themselves.

At this time, most women will believe that the man will take the initiative to confess, but the man will not take the next step.

Because the relationship between men and women is just like, not as good as.

A man just likes you, but he thinks it's worth it in his heart, because being together means investing costs and fulfilling promises for it, so he won't take the initiative.

In the final analysis, men like you, but love is.

To love someone, you don't care about whether it's worth it or not, and the cost cannot be calculated.

So, if you want a man to take the initiative, make him feel worth it, let yourself become, believe in the sweet words of the other party, increase his investment, and increase his sinking cost.

The other party knows your mind, you take the initiative

In relationships, there is a kind of person who is good at playing psychological warfare. When facing such a man, a woman can only follow the rhythm of the other party.

From a psychological point of view, because we care, we can't help but think highly of him. As a result, we put ourselves in a position and always feel that we are not worthy of the other party. This kind of self-confidence is to grasp love.

You and he have trouble sleeping and eating, but the other party calmly refuses.

A female reader said that I knew what the other party thought, said that she liked her, and did not ask her to be his girlfriend, but she was angry with other women at the same time, but she knew her position to be angry.

Excited in their hearts, they want to confess their love to the boy they like. If you like someone and ask the other person to take the initiative, you will miss many opportunities.

Say, the answer is yes. , not to sit on the sidelines, but to need us

. The crux of the problem is: how to grasp this initiative and how to prevent yourself from being in the

, can promote the intimacy between each other, I hope the following point of view can be helpful to everyone.

Analysis, we found that girls take the initiative and boys still

. Friends who have been in love can recall, when a boy took the initiative to hold hands with you for the first time, were you reserved after a moment?

the other party? From a certain angle, when the other party loves to show you, but you didn't try to break free, this is a

. If the boys do not take the initiative to hold hands when crossing the road, some girls will

Said: "There are so many cars, I am a little scared." At this time, the boy will understand the girl's heart

, and took the initiative to hold hands to protect the girls. Therefore, girls take the initiative to divide into two types: boys lead and cooperate.

If a girl likes a boy, then the girl takes the initiative

very. For example, if you want to have a meal with boys, you can tell the boys where there is a restaurant and I heard the taste. boys if they want

, I will definitely say, let's try it together that night! girls can

: Then you come to pick me up after get off work, shall we go together?

So, girls take the initiative is a hint, to meet

Only people can understand this implied meaning. And boys take the initiative is the idea

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When a girl meets a boy she likes, should she wait for the boy to pursue her, or should she take the initiative to fight for it?

In fact, there is a reason why a man likes you but does not take the initiative

To action, be direct. When a boy likes a girl, he will directly transform his love into

Physical contact, such as kissing or hugging.

Girls can be reserved, but it does not represent initiative.

If you meet a boy you like, if you take the initiative to fight for it, you will miss the opportunity

. I remember when I was in college, Xiaomei at the same table liked the handsome monitor, but because Xiaomei was short and tall, she felt inferior. because of fear

, so she took the initiative.

Until a class reunion many years later, Xiaomei

, the squad leader Xiaomei fell in love at first sight at the beginning, but because there was a

, So I didn't have the courage to confess my love to Xiaomei. Now that the squad leader has a family, Xiaomei regrets it. There is no certainty when love comes, and the final result can only be

In love, you will get used to waiting passively and actively fight for it. Even if you meet a boy you like, you will

girl. Once at a unit dinner, Yuanyuan fell in love with the manager of the department who was transferred. During the meal, Yuanyuan took the initiative to chat with the manager, and the two found each other.

, the manager fell in love with this girl who dared to express her feelings. Because Yuanyuan took the initiative at that time, each other

Chance to love. Therefore, if you recognize your feelings, you still have to take the initiative to fight for them. Only after you fight for them, you may be alone.

Take the initiative to love, to be able to

A friend can not only catch the signal of love, but also be smart, and fulfill the fate of two people. As time flies, we usher in the ending of "lover will eventually get married".

Although that said, many people look forward to it.

If one day, facing the person you like, everyone hesitates in their hearts.

From a psychological point of view, because we care, we can't help but think highly of him. As a result, we put ourselves in a position and always feel that we are not worthy of the other party. This kind of self-confidence is to grasp love.

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What are the differences between men and women waiting in love

When a man is tempted, but chooses to fall in love secretly, there is often only one reason

We always think that when the heart moves, we will act.

When you encounter love, you will go all out to grab it.

And so? Personality men, even if they become emotional, they will not be emotional, but will work steadily to have a love that belongs to them.

When the heart is moved, how will the man behave?

Under the circumstances, they will be considerate.

Even if he has an idea, a man puts it on the back burner.

Faced with the need to discuss marriage, men will stand on a realistic point of view, because they know that love is inseparable from material foundations, and loving someone means responsibility and responsibility.

When a man is tempted and confesses, there is often only one reason, and he is not prepared. Because he is not prepared, a man will hide his feelings deeply, pay attention to the woman he loves, and will not choose to disturb.

We hope that love can be just in time.

In the years, encounter in the life.

In fact, because of meeting someone, everyone will find that life has ushered in a new year, and life has become different from then on, and this life has become very worthwhile.

In the face of love, we lower our posture and become very.

From the standpoint of a man, if a man finds that there is a gap between himself and the other party. Even if he loves a certain woman, he will often hide his affection in his heart and work hard from then on.

To be worthy of each other, a man needs time to consider.

If you realize that a person is obviously interested in you, you confess. It is because he is in a state of inferiority complex and needs time to polish before you can express his true feelings.

At this time, you need to do something, which is to give the other party enough affirmation, and the boy needs time to prepare. Don't be arrogant or impetuous, wait for a good person.

Each stage of life has its own goals.

Men, of course love, but career can not be sloppy.

Only by owning a career and increasing personal income can you feel like a fish in water in your emotional life. The woman you love has an expectation and a present.

Many times, men see things holistically.

Even if the true feelings are moved, if he realizes that he cannot give the other party a satisfactory life, the man will appear to blame himself. Driven by a sense of responsibility, they may hide their love deeply.

You know, a man, sometimes represents, is not love.

It's because they love each other so much that they don't want women to suffer with them, so they choose to fall in love secretly. In this way, to protect the woman you love.

At the same time, they will work hard, hoping that one day, they can grasp the love they want.

Love makes people become.

Even if they are men, they will change their carefree style and become a person who knows the cold and knows the hot.

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