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Answer: It is the third day of the sixth month of the lunar calendar. It is suitable for praying, getting married, setting up a bed, making a stove, breaking ground, digging, repairing a tomb, burial, engagement, recruiting a son-in-law, litigation, planting, release of water, offering sacrifices, begging for heirs, mourning, shepherding, tailoring, meridian, marriage, and adoption.

A. June 26, 2017 is the International Anti-Drug Day on the third day of the sixth month of the lunar calendar.

Answer 2017 Dingyou Year is the Dingyou Year of the Rooster, and the Chinese zodiac on June 3rd in 2017 belongs to the Rooster.

Answer The attributes of the five elements on June 26, 2017: Jiazi five elements [wood], year Nayin five elements [mountain fire], month Nayin five elements [Tianhe water], day Nayin five elements [spring water]

A. June 26, 2017 is the crescent moon, and June 26, 2017 is Jixia.

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June 26, 2017 old calendar, 2017 Dingyou year June 3rd lunar calendar query

The Gregorian calendar is the solar calendar, and its calendar year is a return year. The current international Gregorian calendar (Gregorian calendar) and the Chinese stem and branch belong to the solar calendar category.

The lunar calendar is called the lunar calendar, or the lunar calendar. Its calendar month is a synodic month. There are 12 synodic months in a calendar year. It has 30 days in a big month and 29 days in a month.

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Perpetual Calendar Inquiry

June 26, 2017, the good and bad patterns of the lunar calendar

The perpetual calendar is a solar calendar (new calendar) lunar calendar (lunar calendar) date and annual calendar that records the time range; ten thousand years is just a symbol, indicating the time span.

The perpetual calendar contains the traditional information of the almanac, taboos, and five elements, provides date viewing, and provides travel guidance.

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